Living in the Ciutat Vella neighborhood in Valencia, Spain

19 June 2024

If you are thinking of buying properties in Valencia, renting or simply investing, it is essential to know in depth the neighborhood where it is located to ensure that it meets your expectations and the characteristics you are looking for in a home.

At Monserrate Inmobiliaria, your trusted real estate agency in Valencia, we understand the importance of this decision, and we provide you with detailed information about the features and services you can find in the homes available in the Ciutat Vella neighborhood in Valencia. 

Our goal is to help you make the best possible decision, ensuring that you find the perfect place to live with your family.

Discover the charm of living in Ciutat Vella in Valencia

Ciutat Vella, the historic heart of Valencia, is a neighborhood that perfectly combines the charm of its rich cultural heritage with the comforts of modern life. 

As you walk through its streets, you will find yourself surrounded by impressive monuments and squares, as well as architecture that tells the story of the city. Living in Ciutat Vella is not just a residential choice, it is an immersive experience in Valencian life and heritage.

History and culture at every step

Living in Ciutat Vella offers you some of the most emblematic monuments of the city, such as the Cathedral of Valencia, the Central Market or the Lonja de la Seda. 

This neighborhood, besides being a testimony of the city’s history, is also an active center of culture and tradition. Its streets and historic buildings create a unique atmosphere that attracts both residents and tourists. 

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Ciutat Vella has six neighborhoods. Would you like to know them?

  1. El Carmen: Originated around the old Convent of Carmen. It preserves vestiges of the Islamic wall and historic areas such as the suburb of Roteros and Blanquerías. Towards the south, there was the Morería, a place where the Muslims used to live in the city.
  2. La Seu: Houses the Cathedral of Valencia and the Basilica of the Virgen de los Desamparados. The oldest archaeological remains of the city are found here in L’Almoina and some institutional buildings such as the Palau de la Generalitat and the Palau dels Borja (headquarters of the Valencian Parliament).
  3. La Xerea: The easternmost neighborhood, historically connected to the sea. This is where the church of San Juan del Hospital is located and was once the city’s Jewish quarter.
  4. El Mercat: Historically the most commercial area of Valencia with the Lonja de los Mercaderes (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Plaza Redonda and the Central Market.
  5. El Pilar or Velluters: Known for its vellut (velvet) industry since the 15th century and the Convent of El Pilar. It also houses the Silk Museum.
  6. San Francisco: The largest neighborhood, located south of the historic center. Situated in the vicinity of the City Hall Square and Calle Colón. Historically, it used to house the Convent of San Francisco and the fishermen’s quarter, today it has become the financial district of the city.

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Living in the Ciutat Vella neighborhood in Valencia, Spain

Services and amenities offered in Ciutat Vella in Valencia

Despite its historic character, Ciutat Vella offers all the modern amenities necessary for comfortable living. Here is a detailed overview of some highlights of this emblematic neighborhood of Valencia. 

  • Although Ciutat Vella is a central zone with narrow, pedestrian streets, there are parking options in the surrounding areas with special rates for residents.
  • Ciutat Vella’s gastronomic offer is second to none. From traditional Valencian restaurants to international cuisine, the neighborhood caters to all tastes.
  • For families with children, Ciutat Vella has several prestigious public and private schools that guarantee a quality education close to home, as well as universities and vocational training centers for those seeking to continue their higher education.

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  • Ciutat Vella also offers multiple spaces for strolling and enjoying the outdoors. The Turia Gardens, an extensive park that runs through the city, are within walking distance.
  • The connectivity of Ciutat Vella with the rest of Valencia is excellent. Many bus lines pass through the area. In addition, the nearby metro stations make it easy to travel to any part of the city.
  • The neighborhood offers a rich cultural agenda with events, exhibitions, and festivals throughout the year. In addition, its proximity to other popular neighborhoods in Valencia allows residents to enjoy a variety of activities and leisure options, from theaters and museums to parks and green spaces.
  • Security in Ciutat Vella is a priority. The constant presence of police patrols ensures a safe environment for residents. In addition, the neighborhood is well lit, which provides a sense of security when walking around the streets, even at night.
investment opportunities in Ciutat Vella, Valencia

Investment opportunities in Ciutat Vella

One of the most attractive features of luxury housing in Ciutat Vella is the opportunity to live in restored historic buildings.

Another very interesting option are exclusive penthouses and apartments with stunning panoramic views of the city.

The appeal of Ciutat Vella is not only limited to living in it; it also represents an excellent investment opportunity. The demand for properties in this area is high, both for short and long term rentals. 

Investing in Ciutat Vella is a safe bet thanks to its continuous development and popularity, guaranteeing a good profitability and revaluation of the properties.

Ciutat Vella is undoubtedly one of the most attractive neighborhoods to live in Valencia. Its combination of history, culture, modern amenities and investment opportunities make it an ideal choice for those looking for a unique living experience in the heart of the city. 

At Monserrate Inmobiliaria, we are happy to help you find the perfect home in this charming neighborhood. Contact us today and discover with us all the charm of living in Ciutat Vella.

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