The best neighborhoods to rent your villa in Valencia, Spain

21 May 2024

Are you thinking about what to do with your villa in Valencia? Oftentimes, large properties such as villas, if not given enough attention, end up being overlooked, even abandoned. 

Perhaps you are considering selling your villa, although getting rid of such a valuable property can be difficult. If you are in this situation, we at Monserrate Inmobiliaria present you with an alternative: renting your villa in Valencia

Check out the best neighborhoods to rent your villa in Valencia and find the perfect home, we are here to help you in your decision!

The rental of a luxury villa in Valencia in numbers 

The luxury villa rental market in Valencia has experienced a significant increase in popularity, far exceeding searches of villas for sale, according to data collected from Google Trends. 

With about 71% of searches interested in villa rentals compared to 29% of searches for villa sales, this trend reflects an important reality that you should consider: there is currently a high demand for people interested in renting a luxury villa.

This increase in the search of villas for rent may be due to several factors. On the one hand, many families are opting for renting as a flexible alternative, either by a temporary work displacement or by the appeal of living in a city as vibrant as Valencia during certain seasons. 

In addition, the city’s attractiveness to foreigners seeking a temporary stay has also contributed to this increase. 

The number of rooms and the location are two key factors that determine the rental price. Depending on these characteristics, the price can vary significantly. 

best neighborhoods to rent your villa in Valencia

How to find the best lessee for your villa

From Monserrate Inmobiliaria, your trusted luxury real estate agency in Valencia, we have expert advisors who can help you find a lessee to rent your luxury villa in Valencia. In addition, personalized advice gives you a number of advantages that guarantee a smooth experience and successful results

With years of experience in the real estate sector in Valencia, we have a deep knowledge of the local market and a wide network of contacts. We handle all aspects of the rental process, from the initial assessment to the signing of the lease, ensuring a smooth transaction for you. 

We offer a service tailored to your specific needs, with a team of experts always available to answer your questions and provide you with the necessary support at all times. 

We offer a transparent, honest and professional service at all times, working to ensure your complete satisfaction and peace of mind. 

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What are the best neighborhoods to rent your villa in Valencia?

Currently, we have an exclusive portfolio of villas, located in some of the best areas of Valencia. Our properties are located in prestigious areas such as Los Monasterios, Alfinach, Monte Picayo, Santa Barbara, Campolivar, Torren Conill and Bétera, offering a distinguished lifestyle and high standards.

The villas available in these residential areas are true real estate gems, with minimum lots of 1,000 square meters and more than 4 bedrooms, offering spaciousness and comfort for the most demanding families. 

In addition to their impressive architectural and design features, these villas stand out for their strategic location and the quality services they offer.

We are talking about the best neighborhoods to rent a villa in Valencia. The perfect choice for families looking to combine proximity to the city with a quiet environment, surrounded by nature and with access to excellent sports and leisure facilities. In addition, they have a wide range of prestigious private schools, which makes them ideal destinations for international families looking for a high quality education for their children.

Los Monasterios, for example, is located near the American School of Valencia and Caxton College nearby Alfinach, while Santa Barbara is located close to Cambridge House Community College

These connections to internationally recognized educational institutions add additional value to life in these exclusive neighborhoods, making them highly desirable destinations for those looking to rent a villa in Valencia.You may be interested → Santa Bárbara, the exclusive corner of Valencia: features, amenities and lifestyle.

where to rent your villa in Valencia

Is renting a villa with the option to buy the ideal solution?

If you are hesitating between selling or renting, the option to rent a luxury villa in Valencia with the possibility of purchase may be an ideal solution. 

This allows you to rent your property with the possibility that the lessee buys it in the future

This option is especially attractive for those people who are not yet sure if they will settle permanently in Valencia. Allowing them to experience life in the property and the neighborhood before making the final decision to buy, while you, as the owner, can generate income through rent and potentially secure a future sale.

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In Monserrate Inmobiliaria we have a wide range of rental properties in Valencia with the option to buy. 

Are you interested in putting your villa for rent in Valencia? Or are you looking for the best area to rent in Valencia? Contact our consultants and receive personalized advice, we are waiting for you!

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