We’re Monserrate, Valencia’s premium independent real estate agency.

We love our city. We believe in it. We believe it is one of the best cities in the world to live in. And we are its best ambassadors.

We are an agency of people, personalised services and long-term relationships. Our main assets are our leading way to communicate, our valuation capacity, and our strategical vision. We are a team of experts providing a premium service through our passion and attention to every detail. Monserrate means safe, visionary and global real estate consultants in a privileged region: Valencia.

Our Real Estate Consultants

Camilo Sanabria

Real Estate Consultant & CEO

Marta Marín Clérigues

Real Estate Consultant

Carla Cadenas Cañamás

Real Estate Consultant

Nerea Vian Baldajos

Rental Consultant

Maria Martí Moreno

Real Estate Consultant

Regis Lopez Lang

Real Estate Consultant

Cristina Caro Unsain

Real Estate Consultant

María Pandurova

Office Manager

Maria Sanabria Luque

Team Assistant


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