Volkswagen gigafactory: how will it affect the real estate market?

23 January 2024

The news about the construction of the Volkswagen Gigafactory in Sagunto has unleashed a whirlwind of changes in the economic landscape of the area. Not only has this phenomenon resonated with the automotive industry, but it has also sent shockwaves through the local real estate market. 

The anticipated economic boom has triggered a spike in demand for housing and has led to a significant increase in property prices, resulting in a remarkable turnaround in the real estate dynamics of Sagunto and the surrounding areas.

In this article, we are going to explain how the construction of the Volkswagen gigafactory can generate opportunities for buyers, sellers, and investors in the urbanizations around Sagunto, as in the short term, they can be interesting investment opportunities. 

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The effect of the construction of the Volkswagen gigafactory on property prices

The announcement of the construction of the Volkswagen gigafactory has had an immediate impact on the housing market in Sagunto. According to local sources and real estate experts, property prices have experienced a substantial increase. 

This phenomenon is due to the expectation of economic growth in the region driven by Volkswagen’s investment. 

It is noted how the demand for housing in Sagunto and surrounding areas, such as Puçol and its luxury urbanizations, is experiencing a major increase in prices. This has led to a situation where the supply of properties cannot meet the growing demand, generating a favorable dynamic for sellers and owners.

The arrival of Volkswagen’s gigafactory: real estate investors and the boom in Sagunto

The arrival of the gigafactory has not only sparked the interest of those looking to buy a home, but also of real estate investors. 

Indeed, the gigafactory has attracted the attention of different investor profiles that see the economic boom in the region as an opportunity to obtain significant profitability in the real estate market.

The investors’ interest is reflected by an increase in market activity, with transactions involving both commercial and, above all, residential properties. 

In addition, experts predict that this real estate boom in Sagunto will spread to other nearby areas, such as Puçol and the surrounding luxury developments, such as Los Monasterios and Alfinach. Likewise, generating a positive impact on the whole Camp de Morvedre.

In fact, the announcement of the gigafactory has encouraged investment throughout the Camp de Morvedre due to the expected housing needs for future workers and managers. Investors would be buying houses in order to use them for renting.

The role of Monserrate Inmobiliaria in this new scenario

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Opportunities for the future: exclusive developments near Sagunto

As the construction of the Volkswagen gigafactory drives a real estate boom in and around Sagunto, new opportunities are opening up for those looking to buy a property and also invest, in the short term, in the exclusive urbanizations of Alfinach, Los Monasterios and Monte Picayo. 

These residential areas, characterized by their beauty and high-end services, have earned an additional attraction due to their strategic proximity to Sagunto and the benefits associated with economic development in the region. 

Monserrate Inmobiliaria stands as a key player in this scenario, as it has a wide variety of properties in these luxury developments.


Located just minutes from Sagunto, Alfinach stands as a prestigious urbanization that combines the tranquility of a residential location with proximity to urban amenities. 

With luxury villas in alfinach and stunning natural surroundings, Alfinach offers a unique opportunity for those who wish to enjoy serenity without sacrificing proximity to the vibrant life of Sagunto.


The Los Monasterios urbanization, rich in architectural sophistication, presents an exceptional opportunity for those seeking a home that combines modern luxury with natural surroundings and a better quality of life.

Its spacious lots and first class services add to the offer of exclusive homes, providing an idyllic setting just a short distance from Sagunto.


Monte Picayo, with its elevated location, offers spectacular panoramic views in a luxurious setting. 

This exclusive urbanization not only provides the possibility to enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle, but also stands out for its strategic proximity to Sagunto, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the cultural and economic life of the city whenever they wish.

These developments represent unique investment opportunities and an exceptional lifestyle. Demand for properties in these areas have experienced a remarkable increase, and the arrival of the Volkswagen gigafactory only reinforces their appeal.

Buyers and investors, looking for both the proximity to Sagunto and the exclusivity of these urbanizations, now have the opportunity to join a booming market.With Monserrate Inmobiliaria Premium Home Agents as a strategic ally, the acquisition of properties in Alfinach, Los Monasterios and Monte Picayo represents a smart decision in a constantly evolving real estate landscape.

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