Alfinach and Los Monasterios Urbanizations: Main Differences

26 June 2023

Alfinach and Los Monasterios Urbanizations: Main Differences

Talking about Alfinach and Los Monasterios urbanizations undoubtedly means talking about two of the best luxury urbanizations in Valencia. Both are located in the northern region of the Valencia province, in the town of Puçol, just over 20 kilometers away from the capital, amidst the Calderona mountain range.

While they share many common features, there are also significant differences between these two urbanizations. Here, we will show you some of the main differences.

Differences between Alfinach and Los Monasterios Urbanizations

Size and Density of the Urbanization

Alfinach is not as extensive as some larger developments, but offers a quiet and exclusive residential environment. It is characterized by its tree-lined streets and well-kept properties.

In this sense, we can highlight that the whole urbanization has internal pedestrian paths that make it possible to walk through the whole urbanization without crossing any vehicle. But, above all, these paths are a privilege for lovers of walking and sports.

Los Monasterios, on the other hand, is a development that stands out for its spaciousness and size. It is known for its luxury properties and extensive land, which makes it one of the largest and most exclusive developments in the area.

Alfinach and Los Monasterios differences

Los Monasterios has a small promenade that serves to connect both urbanizations. However, we must say that it is very leafy and beautiful.

Architectural Style

In Alfinach, Mediterranean-style villas and chalets are predominant, featuring spacious plots of land and gardens. On the other hand, Los Monasterios is characterized by its more contemporary and modern architecture, with avant-garde designs and minimalist lines.

In Alfinach, the minimum plot size, according to municipal regulations, is 900 m², while in Los Monasterios, it is 1,000 m².

Urbanization Alfinach and Los Monasterios

On the other hand, in Alfinach, there are several residential complexes, as the regulations allow for the grouping of 6,000 m² of land and the construction of a 600 m² dwelling on each plot.

Lastly, the permitted height in Alfinach is 7 meters, while in Los Monasterios, it is 8 meters. Additionally, the allowed volume or building size in Alfinach is greater than in the Los Monasterios urbanization.

Location and Surroundings

Alfinach is situated in an area closer to the urban center of Puzol. On the other hand, Los Monasterios is located in a more secluded area, surrounded by nature and mountains, which gives it a quieter and peaceful environment.

The Los Monasterios Urbanization is a special area for those seeking to improve their quality of life.

Facilities and Services

Both Alfinach and Los Monasterios urbanizations offer excellent services and facilities for their residents, such as sports areas, swimming pools, playgrounds, and 24-hour private security all year round. There is also a municipal bus line from Puçol that connects to the urbanizations and the beach.

One notable difference between Alfinach and Los Monasterios is found in their social clubs. While both have their own charm and uniqueness in terms of facilities, the acquisition of membership differs.

The social club in Los Monasterios is larger and includes amenities such as 5 swimming pools, 5 tennis courts, 7 paddle courts, and a small football field. On the other hand, the social club in Alfinach features 2 swimming pools (one for adults and one for children), 2 tennis courts, and 2 paddle courts.

However, Alfinach also has 2 football fields, one larger and one smaller, as well as a spacious restaurant with a terrace offering breathtaking views of the Calderona mountains and the sea.

In Los Monasterios, membership in the country club is mandatory when purchasing a property, as it includes an ownership share of the social club. In contrast, membership in the social club of Alfinach is voluntary.

The membership fee for Alfinach’s club is approximately 225 euros per quarter, while the fee for Los Monasterios urbanization is approximately 350 euros per quarter.


Alfinach urbanization has a free bi-monthly newsletter called BOA (Boletín de Alfinach), which is distributed to all residents and contains information about the management of the urbanization, statistics, and important news about services and special events, such as sports activities or summer parties.

These are some of the key differences between Alfinach and Los Monasterios urbanizations, but there are also many common features:

  • Security: Both Alfinach and Los Monasterios are gated communities with private security, providing peace of mind and controlled access for residents.
  • Natural Surroundings: Both Alfinach and Los Monasterios are situated in privileged natural environments. Surrounded by nature, mountains, and green areas, they offer a pleasant atmosphere and attractive landscapes.
  • Quality of Life: Both Alfinach and Los Monasterios are known for providing a high quality of life to their residents. These urbanizations aim to create a peaceful, secure environment with services and amenities that enhance the living experience of their inhabitants.
  • Infrastructure and Services: Both urbanizations have basic infrastructure and services for their residents, including paved streets, public lighting, water, gas, and electricity supply, as well as common areas, gardens, fountains, sports areas, swimming pools, and recreational areas.
  • Proximity to Puçol: Both Alfinach and Los Monasterios are located near the town of Puçol, allowing relatively easy access to local services, restaurants, shops, and transportation connections.

These shared characteristics contribute to creating an attractive lifestyle for those who choose to live in these urbanizations in Puçol.

Living in a natural environment offers numerous advantages for quality of life and well-being, such as fresh and healthy air, less pollution, open spaces, and beautiful landscapes that encourage outdoor activities like hiking.

Nature provides a serene and peaceful environment, away from the hustle and stress of urban life.

Living in a natural environment is beneficial for emotional balance and has positive effects on health. It can reduce stress levels, improve mood, increase concentration and creativity, and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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