Exclusive estate in Castellón

Buy 2.100.000€



1.200 sqm House

380.100 sqm Plot


Rustic property located in Castellón de la Plana, between the towns of Ribesalbes and Alcora, with excellent communication with the A-7 freeway.

It is an ideal enclave to establish your family’s second residence, and enjoy not only nature and country life, but the peace and privacy that it represents.

The house, which is located in an area of the estate with an area of 11,500 sqm, is a manor house made up of a main floor at street level with various rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, cellar and garage, as well as large terraces; one of them is covered for recreation and enjoyment of its residents. On a second floor in height it has more rooms and a bathroom with two other terraces facing east and west.

The outdoor area of the large plot on which the house is located, is dedicated to recreation and is made up of different spaces at various heights where we will enjoy various walks among pine forests, rosemary, and eucalyptus among a wide variety of trees, plants, and flowers.

Also forming a set with these gardens and flanked by various terrariums, there is a large swimming pool with its respective facilities and solarium. Two ponds, one of them with small goldfish and water fountains, a large cage/aviary with a multitude of canaries and a building dedicated to the accumulation of enough firewood to serve the different chimneys of the two houses, the Moorish oven, barbecues, and their use for outdoor activities.

The house has the housing support of the guardians or landlords with their respective dependencies, rooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchen and a large patio where various warehouses, areas for cars and a large oven that with an antiquity are also located at street level. Over 150 years old, it is still in perfect use and operation. In this same area, but at the first floor level, there are new warehouses and new rooms whose destination can be used both for housing or staff rest, and for warehouses, storage rooms or attics.

In this area there are two large cisterns with enough water reserves for the comfortable consumption of both houses and which are fed by a direct connection to the well. On several occasions, different analyzes of the quality of this water have been carried out with a quality and highly satisfactory result.

Separated from this set there are two other buildings, today in very good condition but with little use, dedicated in its day as a garage and workshop for agricultural vehicles and machinery, as well as the other “El Corralot” which was a stable, dairy, pigsty, and corral for various farm animals.

Another important part of the farm, for some the most beautiful, is the pine forest. It is the uncultivated part of the farm that, of great attractiveness and future, has an approximate area of 126,300 sqm, being a semicircular mountain located to the north of the farm, protecting it from the cold winds coming from of this orientation, thus creating a very benign microclimate.

It is also a beautiful place for recreation where you can enjoy magnificent 360-degree views, the top is at an elevation of 240 meters above sea level, the highest in the area, so you can see different populations, If we turn to the East we can find and see the sea perfectly and to the Southeast we are surprised by the beauty and grandeur of the entire Sierra de Espadán.

Halfway between the house and the top we have an old construction made entirely of stone, “El Cenador” now fully restored. Construction that in its day was used as a halt or place of refuge, rest and “snack”.

Last but not least, there is the cultivation part, that is, the farm itself, which has an approximate area of 242,300 sqm (290 hanegadas) with plantations of:

– NAVEL DE FOYOS with about 55 hanegadas in full production.

– VALENCIA LATE with about 70 hanegadas in full production.

– CLEMENTINA DE NULES with about 165 hanegadas in full production.

Of relevant importance for the cultivation and management of the farm is the well that we mentioned above, for irrigation, which with a depth of 177 meters punctures a very wide aquifer (about 15 meters) of enormous pressure that causes the water level to rise. Up to 104 meters. Placing the drive pump at a level of about 120 meters. Deep so that it produces a continuous flow of 3,600 liters per minute.

According to the gauging carried out, it has been verified that in permanent operation (24 hours a day, seven days a week) both in summer and winter, the level of the water level does not significantly decrease, which only oscillates about 50/60 centimeters.

The entire farm is equipped with a complete drip network that, through a centralized system in a booth for this purpose, manages the irrigation and/or treatment of the product injected into the circuit and in the different individual sectors by means of an electronic programmer. This booth has two floors, the upper one has been used to store phytosanitary products and fertilizers for consumption therein, on the ground floor and separated from the programmer room are the motors, hoppers, filters, and agitators of the system.

Next to it, we have the booth/transformer owned by the farm, which receives high voltage and supplies low voltage for the needs of the well, homes, and facilities.

As a water reserve for possible unforeseen events as well as for irrigation management in the recreation area, it has a surface pond with a capacity of one million liters.

No less important for the good management of the different treatments in the trees, in the pruning and removal of the fruits is the complete circuit of paths that run through it.

If we delve into each of these three sections, we can discover an significant potential in each of them, from the improvement of crops through new and more demanded varieties of the part of the productive farm as well as offering social activities, conventions, weddings, parties, or both permanent and short-term residences in the part of the recreational estate and, of course, if we think of the mountain and its skirt we can discover an immense residential, recreational and leisure potential.

If you are looking for a recreational farm between Valencia and Castellón, this is, without a doubt, a unique opportunity.


Wood exterior carpentry


Private garage

Private garden

Laundry space


Hydraulic floor

Private pool



Storage room

Mountain View